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Diarmuid Reidy

The Uncharted Brewing Company was founded by Irishman Diarmuid Reidy in 2016, after moving with his young family to Sweden. He was driven by a desire to make good beer and share it with the world.

Diarmuid grew up on a dairy farm in the south west part of Ireland. He studied to become a Mechanical Engineer but has since worked in IT.

The brewery

Our brewery is a fifteen barrel plant where we can produce roughly 2500 litres at a time. At maximum production, we can brew four times every eight days. Brewing takes one full day.

The Process

The process begins the day before we brew with the Hot Liquor Tank checked and filled up to top and the heating process starts, the hot water tank is insulated to the extent it will not lose more than 3 degrees centigrade over 24 hours. The water needs to be at 72°C to brew with.

Each beer we produce uses a different recipe so a different combination of malt and hops is used for each one of our four regular beers. By mixing various quantities of malts and hops we get different flavours, colours, strengths, aromas and styles.



Among our favourite hops we find some of the more traditional such as Admiral, Fuggles and East Kent Golding from England, which we love to combine with the new and fresh varieties from the New World such as Ella, Jarrylo and Ahtanum.

The various hops give different bitterness and aroma characters to the beer. The hops come dried and vacuum packed and when they are re-hydrated by boiling with the sweet wort in the copper, oils and resins are drawn out. The resins give the bitter flavour to the beer while the oils give the beer its aromas.




We use several different types of malt such as pale, crystal, caramalt, chocolate, aroma, oats and wheat as well as roasted barley.

Pale malt, which we use in all of our regular ales, does not have much colour but has lots of sweet sugar flavours. Crystal malt has been kilned for longer so some of the sugars have turned to caramels. The roasted barley imparts lots of colour and gives coffee, chocolate, liquorice and toffee flavours.

The other malts that we use are somewhere in between these extremes. The non-barley adjuncts are used to provide particular flavour profiles or added protein to improve head retention.


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