So the brewery is slowly but surely coming together. After months of sorting out financing, setting up the necessary but not so exciting administrative bits and bobs in terms of company registration, we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

So what remains before we can open up for business? Well, the next big hurdle is the decision on the location. Being located in the middle of farmers' country one would expect that finding a suitable location, such as an old barn or similar would be easy peasy, but no. We've been spending hours googling vacant premises, driving around the country side and doing a fair share of cold calling.

After viewing a large number of potential premises we have now narrowed it down to a handful. All have pros and cons, but fingers crossed we will be signing a contract in the next month or two.

Then there's the discussions and negotiations with the local councils. To ensure that the process will be smooth and fairly short we are engaging with the local councils where our most "hopeful" premises are located. Their approach seem pretty straightforward but still rather individual, depending on location.

While this is all going on we're also finalising the can designs, website structure and content. Last but not least, all the recipes are re-brewed again and again to ensure that we are happy with the balance of flavours.