Long time no post...

It's been an incredibly busy year for many reasons. After we found the location for the brewery the really hard part of this story began. The stripping out of the old industrial and fitting in the new equipment and facilities for the brewery. Electrical re-wiring, sorting out the ventilation, resurfacing of the floor, cutting of drains, adding of splash-backs, you name it! And then cleaning, cleaning and some more cleaning.

Some red tape

We found out that we needed to secure full planning permission as the purpose of the premise was changed. This left us with having to prepare a pretty significant pile of documentation, including fire safety, sewage and water, ventilation and lots of drawings, health and safety procedures. And all of this in a very short space of time, on our own.

Lean operations

Along with this we found out that the only time that the brewery could be installed was in mid February  and then the canning machine shortly thereafter. This due to very busy schedules from the installers PBC Brewery Installations in the UK and Cask Brewing Systems in Canada. We had next to nothing in place.
After scrambling and calling in some favours everything was ready for the install, just in time.

The brew house install was also a very lean operation. We literally brew as it was built. The first brew was completed before the guys were finished installing. Then the canning machine arrived and we had to source blank cans and lids while figuring out how to carbonate the beer. We didn't have the equipment to test the carbonation levels and as our kit contains parts from all over the world the fittings had to be adapted for everything to fit together. Some creative engineering was involved along with brainstorming by our suppliers Värmesvets and Hydroscand in Eslöv and Slangspecialisten in Lund.

After some experimentation during the installation and training for the canning machine we got the canning process and system dialed in and running nicely thanks to Chas from Cask.

More beer to the people!

The first beer brewed was our Irish Red Ale, called Frisky Fox and the first sale went to Fagan's in Malmö, an Irish bar. This made us very happy and the customers too! Then the launch to Systembolaget, the Swedish liquor monopoly off-license followed in start of May. Since then we have been expanding our availability to local bars and restaurants in Skåne. It's been great meeting not just new customers, but new friends. Some of the places that carry our brews are:

  • Farmshack BBQ - the yummiest BBQ and smoked stuff in the region
  • 1rum&kök - Eslöv's best supplied craft beer bar and restaurant
  • Inferno - beer and food heaven in Lund
  • Peas & Honey - slow cooked food that melts in your mouth (and then gets rinsed down with a cold one...)
  • Syltan - very good beer joint that also serves excellent food

Would you like to sell our beer on draft or can? Just drop us a line.

So, what's up next?

The second beer to hit the public was the Thirsty Hippo. We have now delivered the first trays to Systembolaget for the launch on July 3rd. It will be available on the shelf in Eslöv and for ordering via Beställningssortimentet to the rest of Sweden.

Next, we are looking to launch an IPA (Hoppy Rabbit) and an oatmeal stout (Velvet Raven) in late summer/early autumn. We will attend a few festivals to start marketing the brewery and our beers. After that? Well, too early to tell...the road is still kind of Uncharted. ;)